Working Warhawks

You’re an AUM student and you need to work to help pay for school or other expenses. Working Warhawks to the rescue!

The Career Development Center provides the Working Warhawks program as a one-stop shop for campus employers to post jobs and students to view current openings. Student employee training and recognition programs also fall under the Working Warhawks umbrella.

All current Working Warhawks opportunities are posted to the Student Jobs portal in AUM Jobs:

  • Go to Jobs at AUM and select “Student”.  All current Working Warhawk openings will appear.
  • You will find details regarding the job responsibilities, campus location, hours, and more.
  • To apply for a job, simply follow the application instructions listed for each position.

The Career Development Center is here to assist you in any stage of the application

process, from creating resumes/cover letters to preparing for interviews. Please visit us in Taylor Center 323 or email career-dev@aum.edu  for more information.

Campus employers seeking to fill Working Warhawks positions should complete the Working Warhawks request form. If you need any assistance with recruiting students for your Working Warhawks jobs, please contact Brad Robbins in the CDC at brobbin2@aum.edu.

Working Warhawks FAQ

Yes! We strongly encourage you to visit the CDC in advance of completing job applications. A career specialist will complete the application in a way that showcases your strengths, and review any required documents (resume, cover letter) for the application. Visit Handshake on MyAUM to schedule an appointment or stop by the CDC Office at 323 Taylor Center during business hours. 

The Career Development Center can attempt to troubleshoot any issues using the AUM Jobs applicant system. It is recommended that you visit the CDC Office (323 Taylor Center) during normal business hours (8am – 5pm, Mon. – Fri.), with the device you are using to access the system. If the issue cannot be resolved by a CDC Team member, a help message will be placed with the software support team, this could take several days but they are generally quick to respond to any user issues. 

 You can contact the Hiring Department listed on the job posting directly to check the status of your application. Departmental contacts and location information can be found on the AUM Directory page here. 

Each Hiring Department has different procedures and timelines for selecting student employees. It is recommended to contact the Hiring Department directly for information regarding that department’s selection procedures. 

Once you have submitted a job application for a Working Warhawks position, that application is active as long as the position remains open, or until you are notified by the department that you are no longer a job candidate. The Career Development Center encourages Hiring Departments to close their positions at least once per year to refresh their applicant pools. You cannot apply for an open position more than once. 

 Unfortunately AUM Jobs does not allow you to reapply for open positions once you have removed your application. We strongly encourage you to visit the CDC before applying for jobs to ensure that you have successfully articulated your fit for the job before submitting the job application. 

This depends on several factors, including but not limited to: background checks, work authorization status, administrative processes, the needs of the Hiring Department, and more. You can contact the Hiring Department directly for more detailed information about your work status. 

Yes! You may apply for any Working Warhawk jobs that you are qualified for. 

Yes! You may apply for any open Working Warhawk positions for which you are qualified at any time. 

Yes! The Office of Financial Aid administers the Federal Work Study program, placing eligible students in jobs across campus based on financial need. More information.

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